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-In this article we are going to talk about that how you can learn English academically. As we have already learned that how to learn English naturally, but if you have not yet gone through our that article then you can visit this link natural way of learning English. Now let us start with today’s topic that how learn English academically

What are the sources to learn English Academically?

1) Learning Grammar

2) Memorizing Vocabulary

3) Reading

Let us explain all of them one by one

Learning Grammar

If you want to learn English academically then you cannot skip learning grammar because it is the most important thing in any language. Without grammar a language cannot make any sense. We all know that grammar is a set of rules that are required to arrange the words in a particular way so that they could make sense. But what is included in grammar? well almost all the rules that you have heard or read up-till now and many more that you do not know yet about any language, they all are included in grammar. It is impossible to mention all the rules, so to get you out of this fuss we are going to mention here for you some most important elements in grammar that you need to focus on while learning English language. Tense, Parts of speech, Phrase, Clause, Sentence, Elements of sentence, structure of sentence, Types of sentences etc. we will talk about all of these in details in our further articles

Memorizing vocabulary

Well, dear after learning grammar the second important thing that is needed is vocabulary. Because we all know that it will not make any difference if you know all the grammar and all the rules required but you do not have the words that can follow those rules. So language is all about words that combine in a certain way by following certain rules to make sentences and if you do not know them then there is no use of learning grammar. So you need to learn, in fact, memorize a plenty of words (vocabulary) in order to speak


Well, now after learning that if we want to learn any language academically then we first need to learn grammar of that particular language and secondly we need to learn vocabulary. But there must be a question burning in your mind that from where do we get to memorize vocabulary, from where do we get it. Well dear the answer to this question lies in our third step of learning English academically that is reading. Yes dear, we learn the vocabulary by reading. When you read you go through a plenty of words and in order to understand the meaning of what you are reading you learn the meaning of words written in the text you are reading that automatically adds into your vocabulary and once you understand the meaning of those read words you can use them whenever you want.

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