Most Valuable Companies 2019 | Top 7 Richest Companies

most valuable companies 2019, to get you compete in this fast world we have brought you top 7 richest companies rated on the basis of market capitalization 
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Most Valuable Companies in 2019

In this fast-moving world that never slows down, we have brought you the list of top 7 most valuable companies in the world rated on the basis of market capitalization.

Amazon Inc. $802.18bln

Amazon Inc, most valuable companies

Amazon Inc, most valuable companies

An American retail company established in 1994 by Jeff Bezon, headquartered in Seattle, Washington. This company`s business line is selling and delivering various goods alone. Produce suppliers and internet users by their own can use Amazon`s website to sell and buy any goods. According to estimations, there are 230000 employees a $150bln in assets its annual turnover is estimated to be $200bln. This is at number one in the list of most valuable companies

Microsoft $789.25bln

Microsoft ,most valuable companies

Microsoft, most valuable companies

A company founded by the richest man of the world in 1975 and headquartered in Redmond, Washington, USA is a software development company. With its main product as Microsoft Office, Microsoft Windows, Xbox. it has become the 2 largest company in the world. It is one of the leading companies in PC software market as it releases new generation windows operating new generation windows operating systems and a number of other programs. It also produces its own mobile devices and accessories, video ,audio and office equipment. This is at number two in the list of most valuable companies

Alphabet Inc. $737.37bln

Alphabet Inc. ,most valuable companies

Alphabet Inc. ,most valuable companies

An internationally famous internet company created by Sergey Brin and Larry Page in 1998 and headquartered in California recently changed its official name from Google to alphabet. There are more thirty popular services and sub companies like android YouTube ad-words etc. This is at number three in the list of most valuable companies

Apple Inc. $720.12bln

Apple Inc

most valuable companies 2019, to get you to compete in this fast world we have brought you top 7 richest companies rated on the basis of market capitalization

Apple was established in 1976 by Steve Wozniak, Ronald Wayne, and Steve jobs and is headquartered in Cupertino, California, USA. After the descending popularity, it has once again established its reputation when it introduced the line of its own mobile products_the iPhone smartphones and iPad tablets. nowadays the range of its products has increased they include smart-watches, computers and laptops, tablets and smart-phones and many more. It has thousands of stores, offices service centers with a staff of nearly 132000. This is at number four in the list of most valuable companies

Berkshire Hathaway Inc 482.36bln

Berkshire Hathaway Inc

Berkshire Hathaway Inc, most valuable companies

This company known for its permanent owner, American investors is headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, USA.its shares value $293750.this company basically is an industry of insurance, finance, railway, transport, utilities, food, and nonfood products. Its affiliated companies are , GEICO, General Re, Berkshire Hathaway Reinsurance Group, BNSF, Berkshire Hathaway Energy, McLane Company. This is at number five in the list of most valuable companies

Facebook $413.25bln

Facebook , , most valuable companies

Facebook , , most valuable companies

Developed by Zuckerberg in February 2004 this social network is visited by more than1.86bln people every day. Facebook earns a profit of $ 8bln every year from advertising.its estimated market value is $413.25bln FACEBOOK is headquartered in Menlo Park. This is at number six in the list of most valuable companies

Tencent $400.90bln

Tencent, most valuable companies

Tencent, most valuable companies

It is a Chinese multinational company and is one of the largest companies in the gaming industry. Its services include social networks, mobile games, music, web portals, payment systems, e-commerce, internet services, smartphones and multiplayer online games. It is headquartered in Nanshan District. This is at number seven in the list of most valuable companies

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