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Marketing Terms 2019 | Top 7 Best Concepts Of Marketing

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Top 7 Best Business Marketing Terminologies

Well as we know that the marketing world always keeps on changing the strategies and keep on bringing new ideas really the innovative ones for continuously changing consumer landscape. 2019 is really going to be a great year for the people who are really interested in marketing or any business. And here we have brought you the top 7 best-ranked terminologies for marketing for 2019 now not taking too much time of you we are going to present you the top 7 best marketing terminologies of 2019. Let’s have them all on your radar one by one. The new marketing terms 2019


This term is basically introduced in this year that represents a shift in how many marketers think about b2b marketing success. It basically represents how you keep your customers coming back to you. It places customers basically at the center of a business to determine the opportunity for repeat business through relationship building and customer service engagement. This is the first of the best marketing terms in 2019

Product Led Growth

This actually is a strategy that says that the extent of customer acquisition and retention depends upon the product features and usages. The main idea is that you provide the product for free for initial usage and then begin enforcing value for it if it has some value to the users. This is the 2nd of the best marketing terms in 2019

Product Qualified Lead

This term is very simple that basically says that if someone has tried your product and he becomes interested in buying based on his usage. So this basically works as a lead. Time to close at a high rate as the user has already interested in your product. This is the 3rd of the best marketing terms in 2019

Conversation Qualified Lead

In today’s marketing landscape conversation marketing is really really becoming very important. the basic idea is. You own a customer just by conversating with him and making him satisfied through it. When you applied this terminology then the customer expresses his interest in buying your product and you give the response or answer to his questions in real time. This is the 4th of the best marketing terms in 2019

Churn Rate

It is basically a measurement technique that is used to calculate customer retention and is highly significant for recurring revenue companies. This basically helps to know how many customers you are losing in a given period of time. To do so you just divided the number of customers lost during that period buy the number of customers that you had at the beginning of the time period. This is the 5th of the best marketing terms in 2019

Customer Acquisition Cost

It is basically the cost associated with turning a lead into a customer.It is basically the money spent on acquiring customers that you acquired in the time period when that money was spent. This is the 6th of the best marketing terms in 2019

Customer Lifetime Value

It is basically the predicted net profit that is associated with the future relationship with that customer .This is the 7th of the best marketing terms in 2019

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