Smartphones in 2019 | Top 7 New Mobile Phones 2019

Smart phones in 2019 are going to be a big news for you.. Presenting you top expected smart phones 2019 iPhone 2019,Samsung Galaxy X,New Huawei device
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 Smartphones In 2019

Last year has been a great year for smartphones but as the world is moving very fast things can only go up from here. Presenting you the most interesting smartphones that we expect to release this year top 7 smartphones for 2019

iPhone 2019

iPhone 2019

SMARTPHONES in 2019,iPhone 2019

This year iPhone is returning with touch ID security, and time of flight cameras to make sure balancing photography. This year due to its appealing features and nature this phone comes at number one in our list so far for 2019

New Huawei device 

 New Huawei device 

SMARTPHONES in 2019,New Huawei device

Leaks suggested that whether it is a P30 or Meta device it is going to pose a legitimate threat to titans like Google and Apple having said that we do not know much about this phone but from the leaks and its historical background it comes second in the list of top smartphone  for 2019

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3

,Xiaomi Mi Mix 3

SMARTPHONES in 2019,Xiaomi Mi Mix 3

We do not know much about xiaomi but it is getting set to release a new device and like its predecessors, it is going to be a low-cost high power model. This phone this year manages to be at number three in smartphones list for 2019 so far

Samsung Galaxy X

SMARTPHONES in 2019,Samsung Galaxy X

SMARTPHONES in 2019,Samsung Galaxy X

Leaks suggest that Samsung new fold-able phone may be called Galaxy X Galaxy F or Galaxy Fold but no one is sure about it. We are still intrigued what may come of it.this trend changing featured phone is at number 4 in the smartphones list

Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy s10

SMARTPHONES in 2019,Samsung Galaxy s10

Samsung is presenting galaxy S10 with three camera display redesigned screen and a huge pixel count that really have us hooked. This phone due to its special features and especially camera display option manages to be at number 5

New OnePlus device

SMARTPHONES in 2019,New OnePlus device

SMARTPHONES in 2019,New OnePlus device

OnePlus 6T proved to be the best phone of 2018 this year we are expecting a new device from there side like 7 or 7T  or whatever this new device ends up being called. this phone secures 6th position this year so far

New Honor Phone

SMARTPHONES in 2019,New Honor Phone

SMARTPHONES in 2019,New Honor Phone

With already confirmed 5G feature phones that will launch, early honor is remaining a little tight-lipped. this is last in our list but not the least it secures the top 7th position for 2019

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