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As we all know that English language has almost become the part of everyone`s life regardless of its region, cast, color and creed because of its international scope and being the language of the business and global communication. Everyone desires to learn it, Spends a huge amount of his life learning it. But everyone who desires or tries does not find himself/herself able to learn it. The reason behind this failure is not that he/she is not intelligent enough to learn this language but the fact is they are not learning it right way. Instead most of the English language learners try to learn it wrong way and as a result end up having a little knowledge of the language for which they spent a whole lot of their time.

In this article we are going to discuss the right ways of learning any language you want to learn (particularly) English language. Let us see how to learn English

How language learning should start?

(How to speak English fluently) Let us start from the natural way that nature has gifted us from the very beginning of our lives. When a child borns in any region, culture, creed etc. he naturally starts learning a language and within the time of 2-3 years of his age he knows the language at its proficient level.

Why it happened so?

 Did you ever think that why is it that a child learns a language automatically (at its proficient level) regardless of region, cast color, creed. You might have even noticed that the baby who lives in multi-lingual communities knows multiple languages from his childhood. How he learns those languages in such a short time and becomes fluent language speaker? This all happens because now the baby is actually using his five senses while living in the community that actually speaks the language. What he does is, he listens, sees, observes the situations, himself feels the expressions and makes use of all of his senses to understand. And finally he learns the language that the particular community speaks in which he lives and himself starts speaking. And if he lives in a multilingual community he learns multiples languages. But this all happens unconsciously. In other words, we may say it all happens naturally. He does not learn because he is conscious but because it is the natural capability of a human to learn a language automatically. There is a natural language learning device in human mind that is responsible for all this. We call this device as LAD (language acquisition device)

What should we do to learn a language naturally?

Well now after having discovered that how a language is learned naturally, the real problem is how do we apply this thing on us? Because we do not live in a community where English language is spoken so, how can we learn it naturally well, how can we become fluent English speakers in a natural way, that is true but we still can provide us with artificial situation where we can get a chance to learn English language naturally even if we cannot afford to visit the countries where English language is actually spoken.

How we can create the natural environment?

(How to learn English in easy way)Well friend to create natural environment means to see, listen, and observe the actual speakers of the language and this can easily happen if you start watching English movies, dramas, shows etc. now once you start watching the actual speakers of the language speaking it you start learning it effortlessly. But wait you are not a child or a newborn baby who has nothing in his mind but the ability to function naturally, you already know a language and now you have grown mature too. How can your mind function naturally with the language that you have not learned naturally? For sure it will not work the way it did when you were a baby. Also what you will have to do is, you first will have to watch English movie dubbed into your language to understand it and then in English language so that you can compare the meaning of both languages, and not only the meaning but situation where the words are actually spoken, the expressions really needed for that word, the feel etc. now once you start doing this you will notice how incredibly your English language will start improving. You will not only learn the correct use of language but the correct pronunciation as well. You will feel like living in the community where English language is actually spoken while watching movies and your five senses will start working while watching and ultimately you will make your way towards fluent English.

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