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2019 is going to be great year for horror movies.We are always surprised by the mega hits that come to seem from no where.This year we will find no shortage of excitement from upcoming releases.There is always something on the horizon to keep our hopes high. But in these thousands of movies it is very difficult to choose what to see. So to solve this problem for you we have brought you the top 7 best horror movies in 2019.Now not taking to much time of you let us have them all on your radar one by one.Here are the top 7 best horror movies 2019.Horror Movies 2019,Top 7 Best Anticipated Horror Movies 2019,Happy Death Day 2U,Us,Pet Sematary,Hellboy,The Curse Of La Llorona,47 Meters Down Uncaged. Thes are the top 7 best ever most anticipated horror movies 2019 that you can not wait to watch. This year is going to bring you a great deal of joy (Most anticipated horror movies 2019)