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Most Valuable Companies 2019

Showing you the list of top 7 most valuable companies  in the world rated on the basis  of market capitalization. These are with greatest employees, assets,scope , and revenue.Their value starts from $400 bln and closes at $800+bln. These are having greatest market scope , predominance , customers, and best stuff of their respected field.Now not taking too much time of you showing you the best 7 on a very basic level situated and assessed by market capitalization

  • Microsoft $789.25bln
  • Alphabet Inc. $737.37bln
  • Apple Inc. $720.12bln
  • Berkshire Hathaway Inc 482.36bln
  • Facebook $413.25bln
  • Tencent $400.90bln

The above shown Companies this year have every one of the reserves of being the greatest for 2019. Also, to the degree it is stressed over the principle then every one needs to increase most noticeable aggregate, serve the best customers anyway the test is for each situation hard in light of the concept that every one makes a considerable endeavor yet beating this hard competition

  1. Amazon Inc. $802.18bln

has every one of the reserves of being at number one this year