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New movies 2019
2019 in actual feel is proving a remarkable year for films here are top 7 new movies to make this year greater specific. movies as we know play the most important function in our lives. films are usually round us whether it’s far approximately entertainment ,drama thrill relaxation anything and the reality is a film is typically there to make it happen.This year movies lovers are going to be a lot extra excited than earlier than as this year is gonna carry some thing extra special, excellent and special for them. this years movies are going to to be precise than ever as they may be made through following and taking into note the interests of fans,lovers and almost every body. So not taking too much time of you presenting you the top 7 new films of 2019

  1. The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part
  2. Isn’t it Romantic
  3. A Private War
  4. Five Feet Apart
  5.  The Beach Bum
  6. Captain Marvel
  7. What Men Want