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Antivirus for Android and Mac
In this rapid progressing global viruses and malware maker do not stop coming up with new threats to your laptop and other internet enabled devices such as mobile smartphone etc.but you need no longer to fear this because a lot of corporations out there are struggling to make anti virus software to guard your gadgets from every viable danger. And from the endless software and anti virus we have introduced you the the tested anti-virus ,anti virus for windows Android and Mac

  • Norton Antivirus Basic

It is a malware hunter that automatically protects your PC on its own and the best thing about it is that it is value paid form security software options in the market. it offers multiple tweaks ,settings and options,handy URL blocker aiming to keep you away from malicious websites. in case it misses anything then an excellent file reputation recognizes suspect downloads. it offers up to date virus definitions  to protect your devices. it offers you the choice when to scan what to scan you even can schedule it.it operates on windows only and supports only one device at a time. Its stand out features are advance privacy security,financial security, and civilian intelligence network.This is the second  Best Anti-virus

1 year package $14.99